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STAT Producer Throwing Flowers by Marie-André Labbe

Producer Guillaume Lespérance met with the media on Monday morning at Radio Canada to announce one of his new projects, the comedy bad weatherWritten by François Bellefeuille, which will be available on ICI Extra during the 2023-2024 season.

Press conference held a few days after the team STAT She announced, on social media, that writer Marie-André Labbe had just finished writing the first season of her hit Everyday Life. Watch the beautiful congratulatory message shared by its creator and followers STAThere.

we tell you Here is what date the show will end airing this spring. a A second season has also been confirmed.

We know that produce STAT It is a collaboration between Aetios (Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau) and Guillaume Lespérance.

at the invitation of For commenting on the work done by Marie-André Labbe for more than a year, the latter was generous with his compliments.

She did an amazing job Tribute to Guillaume Lespérance. It takes a lot of talent and consistency. It’s not even a marathon. It’s a super marathon! It takes discipline, talent and a long-term vision of the dramatic curve… I have nothing but good words and much admiration for Marie-André Labbe’s work. »

product that coordinates with STAT His first daily life in his career, he also feels he has learned a lot from this adventure.

It was a really great experience and I’m so happy. 2022 was a big year, and there were a lot of projects. It’s been a very rewarding year which he also produced the film Dec 23rd and the Bye bye 2022.

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Guillaume Lespérance is also a producer Discussions with my father (Of which Return is confirmed for the sixth year In the fall, shooting will take place this summer), youths (that The third and final chapter plays on ICI Télé this winter, every Wednesday at 9:30 pm), Everyone talks about it and the Talk show Good evening, Written by Jean-Philippe Vauthier, which will begin its fifth summer on the air in a few weeks. about the Bye bye 2023the businessman does not yet know if he will return to power again, after seven years at the helm Comedy retrospectives are always highly regarded.

for bad weatherComedy stars, besides Francois Belleville, Émilie Bibeau, Natalie Brewer, Eric Bernier, Robin Joel Cole, Ariel Evergan, Gaston Lepage, and Ariane Castellanos. Filming will take place from April to June.