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Starfield's vision of science fiction is grounded in reality, with the help of Elon Musk's Space X

Starfield’s vision of science fiction is grounded in reality, with the help of Elon Musk’s Space X

Starfield is on its way, preparing for its first flight in 2022. Following the expected reveal at Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference, director Todd Howard gives an interview in which he discusses the more realistic approach to Starfield sci-fi, with the unexpected help of SpaceX from Elon Musk.

While Starfield doesn’t radically deviate from the proven RPG formula Bethesda, Howard said Starfield is “Skyrim in space,” as the director said in an interview with telegraph that his approach to science fiction would be different from other mainstream interpretations.

“It’s not Star Wars or Star Trek, it’s kind of a separate thing,” Howard said. “I think when we show the game, we hope it will create its own niche. According to Howard, the goal is to get players to “convince” the reality of the world.

“If you look at the ship, you can probably design a more elegant ship in 300 years, right?” But it has things in common with the current space program. So in your mind, you can draw that line between them. “

Howard claims that despite this approach, Starfield is a game and not a realistic space simulation. World-building was simply inspired by reality, and Bethesda even enlisted the help of Elon Musk’s Space X to conduct field research. In the words of Howard, “to talk to people who can see beyond what I can see at the moment.”

Ultimately, the important part of Starfield is setting a point “where the level of technology and the logic of how humanity got to where it is.” “

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“You know how people live? How equipment works? What are the rules of communication? In the game, we take the fact of being able to communicate from one planet to another, or something far away, for granted. But we have the rules. No they can’t and it will take years! And then Once you realize that you can be like, “Okay…” you can use that to your advantage.”

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of things you can do in the games. Starfield will have different weapons, lasers, and planets to explore and not everything will be subject to the rules of physics. “Yes, we have a laser. We have a laser in a vacuum,” Howard said. “And there’s also sound in a vacuum. “

Starfield will not be released for a year as an Xbox and PC exclusive.

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