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Star Wars The Old Republic reveals its new expansion

Star Wars The Old Republic reveals its new expansion

If it has lost its luster over the years, a title that can easily be described as a “single-player MMO” today offers massive content. A little more than two years later attack », during which Bioware Austin was not filmed, the studio is introducing to commemorate its title an extension that takes us back to a planet long claimed: Manaan.

which we have already discovered Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic And with Flashpoint, the MMO is now more widely available, with many new challenges. The most knowledgeable will find familiar items there, but the story unfolds several years after our first visit to Manan…

Visually, the planet offers vast environments, rather diverse, but also darker and snowier than we are used to. These places hold a terrible secret of the ancient Sith lord, about which nothing is known yet. It is also on Mannan that we will find the Dark Malgus, very interested in this secret. We will then have to understand the reasons for his existence and, of course, undermine his plans. On the Republican side, it will be a matter of destroying the Sith once and for all, when the Empire seeks to seize what it seeks.

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