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Star Trek is coming to MagentaTV

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Telecom Paramount brings “Star Trek” movie series and other movie hits to a new, separate episode on Magenta TV Megotech.

The new partnership with ViacomCBS now ensures even more choice when streaming at home. This brings a highlight to space fans: the “Star Trek” movie series marks a truly classic start.

The adventures of Captain Kirk, Spock, and their successors, Captain Picard and Data, shaped the genre of science fiction for generations. Every month, viewers can now chronologically see a new movie in the series in the new Paramount area of ​​Megatek. So today, April 1, 1979, “Star Trek: The Movie” begins.

Not Paramount +, but a separate MagentaTV mega library area

Many of these classic and movie highlights like “Aviator” or “The Godfather” are available for free to Magento TV customers at Megatech. However, there was no cooperation Telecommunication forum The integration of the new streaming service Paramount + was suspected some time ago.

The service, formerly known as CBS All Access, has been available in Mexico, Canada and the United States since the beginning of the month (Digital Television Report). He will also be coming to Europe from March 25, but for now only to Scandinavia. ViacomCBS has yet to announce a launch in Germany.

A spokesman for Telecom TF confirmed that the agreement between the two sides did not mark the back door for the German Paramount + release. This offer is limited to initially announced topics and is published monthly on MagentaTV’s New Paramount section –Megotech Extended.

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