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‘Star designer’ Philippe Dagennis has died at the age of 79

‘Star designer’ Philippe Dagennis has died at the age of 79

Famed “star designer” Philippe Dagené passed away Tuesday night at the age of 79 at the Source Bleu Hospice in Boucherville, Montreguet.

Trained at the Académie Carpentier in Paris, Mr. Dagenais quickly distinguished himself in the world of interior decoration, establishing a solid reputation in the field during the 1970s and 1980s.

One thing leads to another, the designer has worked on the homes of many Quebec celebrities. Among his famous clients are Yvonne Deschamps, André Montmorency, Dominique Michel, Denis Villatrul, Suzanne Levesque and René Claude.

This success has also led him to host several TV and radio shows devoted to decoration, notably alongside Dominique Michel and Daniel Ouimet.

Mr. Dagenais’ reputation has spread far beyond Quebec and all over the world. And so he found himself, among other things, designing the layout of the Novotel Hotel located at Moscow Airport in 1986, he recalls the biographical page dedicated to the designer on the magazine’s website. internal.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Dagenais also got his start in commerce by opening, with his partner Pierre Loiselle, the Mobilier Philippe Dagenais chain in the 1980s. However, the designer sold all of his shares at the turn of the 2000s, while allowing a communication channel to bear his name.

Mobilier Philippe Dagenais went bankrupt in 2016.

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