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"Star Academy": The audience still saved Jeremy

“Star Academy”: The audience still saved Jeremy

Nearly 400 people attended the MELS studio on Sunday evening, in the sixth group of star Academy, Which especially welcomed La Chicane, Paul Daraîche and Belgian singer Angèle. Jeremy Blunt was once again rescued by the audience after a great evening.

Academics have been waiting for it for a long time: Angèle finally landed in the group for a thrilling number that began with “I forgot everything”, accompanied by the three at risk of a week. She followed “Solo” with Camelia and Kristelle before singing “Bruxelles, je t’aime” with Audrey Louise and Edward. Julian had the opportunity to perform the song “Ta reine” as a duet. The number ended with a huge success “Balance ton quoi” with Audrey Louise and Sarah Mudd. Nice refreshing number.

under review

After teachers repeatedly pointed out her lack of precision during her evaluation, Sandrine Hébert focused primarily on her style while performing the song “C’est Zéro” by Julie Maas. However, her interpretation lacked a little life, but Lara Fabian wanted to congratulate her. “You accepted the challenge, you sang wonderfully,” said the director.

Then Marielle Dorion published her amazing qualities as translator in “I loved you, I love you, I will love you” by Frances Cabril. “Every time you sing, it’s like you’re holding our hand to make us discover new angles, new scents…You are unique,” Guylaine Tremblay analyzed, right under the spell.

To defend his place during this third menace, Jeremy Blunt decided to enjoy singing “footloose” with totally crazy energy. Gregory Charles was praised for his boldness and ability to excite a crowd.

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“Firstly, we must not forget that we are constantly learning. Secondly, communication with the audience cannot be taught. The much better, there is no need to teach it because you know how to do it well,” concluded the music teacher.


Then the academics paid tribute to Renee Martel, who passed away last December. Accompanied by Isabelle Boulay, Paul Darrich, Annie Blanchard and Guillaume Lafond, review his greatest hits, from “Liverpool” to “I’m Going to London”, via “C’est mon Histoire” or “We Love Country Music”. “


What a pleasure to hear again of the great successes of La Chicane! The sound of Baume Desjardins is as powerful and warm as ever. He took charge of “You miss me” with three men (Jérémy, Edouard and Julien), then “Calvaire” with Olivier, who wasn’t worthy. Boom and Sarah-Maude performed a wonderful vocal duet with their powerful Abitibi vocals. As we know, Jean-Marc Couture is the winner star Academy In 2012, he was the new guitarist for La Chicane, with whom he will be touring soon.

poetic sweetness

Ingrid Saint-Pierre finally provided a real poetic break at the end of the evening. She interpreted a great version of “La lumière” with Marily, as well as a very good duet moment with Olivier in “Les Joailliers”, ending in “Ficelles” with Audrey Louise and Julien.


For the second time since the start of the season, the audience chose to save Jeremy Blunt, who couldn’t believe he was living this moment. “It is a source of great relief and pride,” he said, before congratulating the talent of his colleagues with whom he was put at risk. Then the faculty chose to protect Marielle Dorion, who thus regained her place in the Academy. Sandrine’s adventure in the academy is now over.

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Stromae to star Academy

Singer Stromae will be part of the Variété de . group star Academy, On March 27, to the delight of young academics and viewers alike. This will be his only performance on a Canadian television show.

Stromae is the believer, because he had already set fire to a party star Academy, in 2012. In the full global success of his previous album, he took time to talk with young people, as well as give a frantic performance on “Alors on danse”, along with Andréanne A. Mallette.

Ten years later, he will return to sing his greatest hits with academics, as well as some of his newest compositions. Note that it will also be a reunion for Mark Dupree, who was one of the guests of this 2012 party.

The Belgian mega star has just been released plurality A new album comes after nine years of great success square root. His new songs, such as “Santi”, which talks about essential workers in times of pandemic, or “Venver”, which evokes his problems with depression, are already enjoying resounding success around the world.

The singer is currently preparing for a major world tour that will stop at the Bell Center in Montreal, from November 25-27, and at the Videotron Center in Quebec City, on December 11.

  • Sarah Maud Desjani, 23 years old, Amos
  • Audrey Louise Beauséjour, 23 years old, Broussard
  • Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalene Islands
  • Camelia Zaki, 17 years old, Sherbrooke
  • Christel Mungo, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Julian Charbonneau, 23 years old, Montreal
  • Edouard Lagacé, 27, Cowansville
  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kidgwick, note
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  • Jeremy Blunt, 25, Levis

  • Marielle Dorion, 26, Sherbrooke

daily star Academy It is served on TVA Monday through Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

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