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"Star Academy": risks amid controversy

“Star Academy”: risks amid controversy

Lara Fabian, in the daily Star Academy, announced the names of the three academics at risk this week. Camelia, Sarah Maud and Marielle will have to put every opportunity on their side to keep their place in the academy.

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The only guy in the review, Edward Lagasse, only received good reviews after his passionate interpretation of “Love Tonight in Your Eyes,” accompanied by his guitar. This consensus seems to have destabilized it a bit. On the other hand, the three girls were put at risk, despite the relatively positive comments.

Marielle Dorion chose to sing Patrick Watson’s “Lighthouse” in front of the teachers, but it didn’t quite convince Guylaine Tremblay. The translation teacher said, “I love your voice. But for once, I saw that you were looking for your place.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Gregory Charles also told her that her challenge now is to find the same comfort she can feel when in her bubble, by engaging people with her.

Forgetting the lyrics to Michele Vaughn’s “Beautiful Story” in the rating put Sarah-Maud Desganeh in danger.

“These are things that happen,” Lara reassured Fabian. Being infallible is part of our humanity. But I’d also like to note the incredible precision with which I sang.

Gregory also noted that the Academy seems more and more fun exploring the various records of her voice, which indicates a significant improvement since her arrival at the Academy.

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Finally, Camelia Zaki set her sights on “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry, but her understanding of the song’s script wasn’t perfect according to the director.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

“I’m glad it’s a perfect explanation to put your finger on whatever we need to correct during the week,” said Gregory Charles, who made several points to work with.

If academics are still in shock after the passing of Audrey Luiz last Sunday, public outrage can still be heard on social networks. Many of them saw the singer win in the final, her talent is undeniable. Gregory Charles also returned to the event daily. He explained to the academics that all of you are leaving here, one by one, and only two will be left, and they will also leave when the show is over. The fact that Audrey Luiz is gone isn’t a denial of what she can do. Everyone knows what she is capable of. We are here to move forward.”

The public outcry actually started as early as its endangerment last week. The question constantly arises as to why the teachers chose to put these three artists (Eloi, Audrey-Louise and Krystel) at risk at this time of the season, knowing that other academics with less potential were protected.

More than challenging the choice of teachers between the two girls, at the end of Variety, many people want more transparency about the choice of risks I took last week.

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A petition showing public discontent and calling for Audrey Louise’s return to the show reached nearly 10,000 sites on Tuesday night. A number overall quite low compared to the average ratings of over 1.4 million viewers.

The “Star Academy” production did not want to talk about this.