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Star Académie: William Clutter will qualify for the Final

Star Académie: William Clutter will qualify for the Final

Ariane Moffat said that when the result was announced, Quebecers voted in large numbers to vote for the man who reached the finals Star Academy 2021. William Clotter won the title, despite fierce competition between rivals Jacob Robertson and Guillaume Lavond, in Sunday’s squad.

The three candidates were nearly identical, and each had their own dominant skills, but William’s makeup, If you see me, Dedicated to his family, she clearly influenced the audience.

The final candidate could hardly believe it, and even requested that he be shown a cardboard box bearing the name of the academician chosen by the viewers. William cut his whistle excitedly.

So the young father from Victoriaville is guaranteed to stay at Waterloo Academy until the Grand Final on May 2, where he will face the finalists, which will be known next Sunday.

Remember, at the end of the final set, the big winner is star Academy He will receive a prize of $ 125,000, while the final winner will receive $ 50,000 in cash.

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Fun to overcast

Guillaume set himself only one goal on Sunday: to have pure fun, and that was it. “I had fun on stage. I never looked at the cameras once. I looked at my family, my girlfriend, I took in with pleasure, this is what I remember from my evening!” Guillaume also said that he is proud of his development as an artist, to be more comfortable in interviews and because he reached the semi-finals From this big competition.

Glad to know that the audience may already be waiting for him when launching his projects, Guillaume dreams of collaborating with Patrice Michaud – who has tamed his work for the past two months – and Vincent Valier, for example, to concoct his future songs. He also wants to create his own ammunition. We’ll definitely see him on stage again soon.

“I will find musicians, including close friends with whom I have been making music for a long time, and I will perform one or two performances, to do events and festivals. I, do living room“ shows, ”and I will do whatever the world wants, as Guillaume portrays.

Two albums by Jacob

Although I wear it from star Academy, Jacob Ruberg is not worried about the future: he has a lot of plans for the future and can’t wait to see what awaits him. A person who, from the age of ten, learned to master the piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, bosooki, cello, saxophone and transverse flute working on two album projects – rock, in group, with friends, and other original solo compositions. Because, yeah, Jacob makes his own gear, even if he’s played very little of that card at the Academy. He even plans to cook a Christmas log in his color.

The young artist said, “There are a lot of instruments in my music.” It focuses more on whole and neat, progressive rock style. There is sound, but it’s not great songs. Not Mario Pilchat or Bruno Pelletier! [Sourire] It was less suitable for star Academy.»

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Jacob, who worked as a consultant at a music store in Quebec City before joining star Academy, He said he was happy to have gained confidence during his stay in Waterloo.

“I’ve always been someone who is really afraid of other people’s eyes, and I really let go of my fools star Academy. I want to keep this one, because it feels so good! “

Farewell Michel Louvain

We also sent, Sunday, a lovely goodbye to the memorial of the Quebec song that passed away days ago, Michel Louvain.

With all due respect to the legend, the evening opened in honor of the charming singer, first with an impressive montage of testimonials (François Legault, Donald Lautrec, Yvonne Deschamps, Daniel Ouemet, Michel Richard, etc.), then with a performance, both very simple and solemn, by academics with just a few. Of the chord musicians of Orchester Métropolitain.

A certain smile, The Lady In Blue, good night my Love, Then our young faces turned, respectfully, into a picture of Michel Louvain smiling – as usual – with all his teeth. A beautiful, discreet moment, but in the height of the deceased’s elegance.

The twenty musicians at Orchester Métropolitain, along with their conductor, Professor of Artistic Identity Yannick Nézet-Séguin, continued gracefully by re-visiting Lara Fabian for some of the gems from the latter’s repertoire, which in turn felt strong and weak. In the grandeur of her marriage to the symphonic band. Shared by mrs I love youAnd the I still believe in itAnd the The differenceAnd the if you love meAnd the Human beings And the I’m sick With the semi-finalists, and praised them after that. “Bravo to my little heart […], Who was more than up to the task, “stressed the director of the academy, who was rarely seen shaky and grateful. Even the theme of the song Now and everywhere He was revisited under the Orchester Métropolitain Clubs at this very special ceremony.

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Vallières and Les Louanges

The rest of the ceremony poured into all the records, with dryers of the pieces by Vincent Valier (W. We’ll love one more time In full), a “nightclub” figure with some current English-speaking radio songs (where Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish and Surfaces were rubbing shoulders, among others), and former academics Maëva Grelet, Dashny Jules and Shayan Heidari came out to promote the incoming clips. In an album star Academy To be launched on Thursday (I blame myselfAnd the Your leaving And the I wantArmed with his new extract, a verdict from Les Louanges, The bathroom.

The songs performed by the at-risk candidates are available on QUB musique and on all broadcast and download platforms.