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Star Académie: Luce Dufault is proud and moved to her daughter

Star Académie: Luce Dufault is proud and moved to her daughter

No, Lunou Zucchini didn’t talk much about his singer mother during her stay at the Academy, but the warm hugs the two women gave each other when they left the Lunou Theater on Sunday left no room for doubt. The love that binds them together.

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Talkative and bright eyes, Los Duvolt captivates in this important chapter for her, too, as a mother.

“I’m so proud and happy for her,” she began. I think what makes us prouder, me and my boyfriend, is that his human side stands out so much. No matter what she does for a living, it will always be with her. It is from his heart that we are extremely proud … ”

“It was weird to see her live such joyful and unusual moments and not being able to hold her in our arms, not being able to talk about her with her … But we are so proud to see her thrive in this way. From far in front of our eyes. We know our children, but when they are in An environment like that, with everything it takes to work, move forward, and see them develop at such speed … It’s amazing! ”Added Luce.

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Star Académie: Luce Dufault is proud and moved to her daughter

QMI’s photo, Joel LeMay

“I have peels to eat!”

when star Academy Starting off, Lunou had just completed his training in musical theater at the Collège Lionel-Groulx and had no audition potential for art projects, due to the pandemic. The brewery where it has operated has also closed due to COVID-19.

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So Los Duvolt strongly encouraged her not to overlook her opportunity to participate star Academy Instead of staying unemployed, she quickly found out that her daughter was thriving through the audition process. Previously, Lunou only participated twice in Straight from the universe, Which dedicated to his mom in 2013 and the special Mother’s Day edition in May 2020.

“Especially when I saw the teachers there, Lara Fabian, the knitting team, the teachers of artistic identity … I thought to myself: Well, let’s see! As long as you stay home, go and get what you can!”

Star Académie: Luce Dufault is proud and moved to her daughter

QMI’s photo, Joel LeMay

Song professional Luce Dufault is also amazed at the progress her elder has made in terms of voice, technique, and other career fundamentals in recent weeks.

“I’m not going back! I have peels to eat [Rires]. I have not had this training in my life. You’re going to have to give me some little advice! I find this insane. Phonetically, the interpretation … we’re not even talking about dancing, I have two left feet! [Rires] I envy all the baggage that she has accumulated in such a short time. “

Will Luce and Lunou sing together on stage soon? Luce has already received a lot of requests in this direction, but the last word will go to Lunou, she confirms. The new commotion was supposed to be eating dinner at her parents’ home on Monday, and the matter had to be discussed.

“Yes, I understand that people want a duet, but the decision has to come from it …”

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Luno from Tadoussac

Finally, the question many definitely ask themselves: What is the origin of the very cute first name for Lunou (which is also the name of Luce Dufault Records)? She smiles spontaneously before following the story.

“I was at the Tadoussac Song Festival, when I had it Space keeper The blues. I was younger than Luno, I must have been twenty-two, and I sang in the bar day and night. A woman came to see me with her baby. I loved what I was doing. His daughter’s name is Lunu. She was cute and loving. I fell in love with this baby, and I thought to myself that if I had a daughter, I would name her Lunou. “

“When I gave birth I was sure I was carrying a man,” Luce continued. When the nurse told me she was a girl, she was immediately Lunou. The funny thing is, we then called that girl again. Lunou has his father’s family name, zucchini. And the Lunou I met was called Lunou Samson-Poireau … vegetables as last names! Los Duvault ends.

Luce Dufault recently resumed her tour and unveiled the song Summary / s, Written by David Godrault. For all dates, consult