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"Star Académie": a new song by William and Luno

“Star Académie”: a new song by William and Luno

Just a few weeks away from going on tour as a duo, the finalists for Star Academy 2021Release the song, William Cloutier and Luno Zucchini The most beautiful version of ourselvesWritten and composed by Ariane Moffat.

She also incorporates her voice to that of her subjects in the excerpt now available on streaming and download platforms, as well as piano percussion. Ariane Moffat, William and Lono recorded the track in studio this summer.

The two academics first interpreted the very beautiful piece that the professor of musical creativity stirred up during the season’s absolute variety star Academy, on May 2, a few minutes before William was crowned as the big winner.

text The most beautiful version of ourselves, is a haunting rhythmic poem, a poem on stage, a declaration of love for music from artists who cherish it and bring it to life.

William Cloutier and Lunou Zucchini will begin their tandem shows on February 13 and will perform in theaters across Quebec, producing Musicor Spectacles. They will make us relive the highlights of their journey in star Academy. To purchase tickets and information, visit

For the 2022 version of star AcademyAnd it’s already frantically preparing with hearings still in full swing across the county, until October 10. You can make an appointment to try your luck at

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