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Stalker 2: Resume Development

Stalker 2: Resume Development

GSC Game World Studio announces that the development of stalker 2 resumed. After the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict, programming had to be interrupted, because the World Service Center is located in this country. An official press release had promised to recover as soon as possible.Ukraine victory“Of course everything was done to ensure the safety of the developers. But the only thing that seemed to make sense was that the release date of December 8, 2022 would be hacked. No information has been revealed about this yet, But to keep fans waiting, the studio has clarified the game’s difficulty modes:

We will prepare enough difficulty modes, so that the player can find his own modes. There will be a “Hardcore” mode for experts.

stalker 2 It was planned exclusively on the Xbox ecosystem. AAA ambition, this is one of Microsoft’s biggest year-end cartridges. following Starfield and Redfall postponed to early 2023We’re risking another delay here, because less than three months in development, that’s important. Although in this specific case it would be quite understandable …

trailer stalker 2 heart of chernobyl :

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