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Stage 6 of the Tour de France digital inclusion and my health space

The first concrete uses in care

The first part of the afternoon was devoted to presenting the ins and outs of the institution by Alexandrine Kientzy-Laluc, General Manager of GH70 and Pierre Gorcy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GH 70.
Zoomed out, Alain Chrétien, Mayor of Vesoul and Mayor of Haute-Saône, told about the regional characteristics of the province. They are many and the challenges are great in terms of health.

Many of our fellow citizens are so far away from the uses of digital technology, especially in rural areas that it is a vulnerable audience to be aware of. Mr. Chrétien, Mayor of Fiesole.

Feedback is shared and response in terms of support should be coordinated with all local actors. My Health Space Coordinator, Berenice Brice, who is in the area, builds on existing union networks by creating several partnerships with structures that support citizens in their uses. Bérénice Brès wanted to strategize the identification of My Health Space Ambassadors by developing partnerships with structures as possible. Thanks to this approach, it already has 66 ambassadors. The latter hosted an awareness platform for My Health Space throughout the day at the health institution.

An e-course for diabetics in Hot Saun

A presentation was made of the electronic course “eTICS” held in the department. One of the e-journeys was particularly in-depth regarding diabetes with certified diabetologist Dr. Mohne, registered nurse practitioner and advanced practice (IPA). Visiting the service made it possible to see the effectiveness of the system and the mobilization around my health space. The department adopts an approach related to the path of diabetes care and cooperation between health professionals in the city and the hospital thanks to the application of a digital tool in the service of monetization of care.

All professionals in this field should embrace digital health. We do not have the same languages, and by working together we will make progress on this topic. Dr. Mohne, Chair, CME GH 70.

Segur digital implementation

Carry on today with the technical implementation of the digital Ségur. GH70’s procedures are based on two steps:

  • INS qualification in Administrative Management
  • Spread from INS to DPI

Today all INS are GH70 qualified on admission, we have qualified 51% of the hospital’s active file. Nicholas Thuillier, DSI of the Foundation.

Today, the GH70 automatically feeds the My Health Space medical file with several documents such as prescriptions and starts the MSSanté deployment. More than 600 documents are automatically submitted each day to My Health Space.

Direct exchanges on prospects for streamlining the pathway of care with health professionals in the city.
Time was also taken to discuss with independent physicians and a pharmacist involved in the department, in order to identify levers that need to be mobilized to engage the city’s health professionals privately.

Admittedly, digital health is in the best interest of the patient, but we must not forget the human connection. We are there because we knew how to listen to each other, and agree to come up with a solution for the patient. Dr. Rossi, General Practitioner

In addition, a presentation of coordination between community pharmacists and hospitals for cancer patients highlighted the importance of having a platform that allows patients to follow up to find all their medical documents such as hospital interviews and community pharmaceuticals.

Maintaining the city’s link with the hospital is a priority within the health project. Dr. Salome, Doctor of Pharmacy.

Implementation of telehealth services in the region

Still in the process of coordinating the course, the day ended with a presentation on tele-dermatology and tele-stroke. The use of a telemedicine tool in the emergency room of a local hospital improved care by speeding up diagnosis and initiation of treatment and avoiding patients having to travel long distances. Thus, 3,000 to 4,000 neurological emergencies were handled by the telemedicine system in 2022.

Awareness of my health space

This phase of the digital inclusion of the Tour de France and My Health space was also an opportunity to set up a stand to raise awareness of the My Health space in the organization. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté’s Network of Healthy Space Ambassadors has spearheaded this time of patient outreach and impacted many patients. This moment of awareness helped me understand how My Health Space works and answer patients’ questions.

The creation of this type of stand by Berenice Brice, Regional Coordinator of My Health Space Ambassadors, follows a very strong regional logic, with the aim of maximizing the presence of ambassadors able to help citizens dominate my Health Space in all institutions in the region.

GH70 committed itself to this process by signing the Ambassador Pact and becoming the tenth Ambassadorial structure in Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

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