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Square Enix is ​​said to be preparing to showcase a Final Fantasy Action-RPG with Team Ninja

E3 starts in less than twenty days, but leaks and rumors don’t wait. This morning, Games Planet is in a panic following reports from journalists, in particular Alex Davidson D.VG247, Who claimed that a lecture from a major publisher had already leaked into the wild. And when that was laid down regarding recent rumors of game leaks from Square EnixThe link was easy to create. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, some serious sites like Van Byte He advances and announces that an offer Final Fantasy from here Team Ninja It will be well prepared.

Un Souls-like plus can be accessed?

And the Imran KhanThe author of the article explained that it is still just a rumor that does not come out of nowhere. Although launched on Reddit and Resetera, the site’s sources also claim to be correct, giving the information even more credibility.

So there will be talk of an upcoming advertisement from Square Enix, which will unveil a specific game Final Fantasy Origins According to Fanbyte, who claims that the game’s assets have already been leaked, including the logo.

This game will be developed by Team Ninja, which we know Nyuh But those who worked on it too Decidia Final Fantasy NT, And it will be RPG action similar to Newh, Although easy to access To reach a larger audience. a SoulsLike opening up one way or the other, and to make sure the editor wants out Show During the summer period to see the feelings of the players. This show is also called “Stranger in Heaven,” and The game will be a PS5 exclusive console, with a PC version expected.

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The most recent information but not the least, The game will take place in the same universe as the first Final Fantasy. Square Enix had this announcement set up as one of the highlights of its conference in June.

Note that nothing is official yet, and Square Enix hasn’t even talked about this at the moment.. So we’ll be waiting a little longer to see if all of this is true.