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Spring cleaning: Eight tips to make your home sparkle

this week, Newspaper Take advantage of the arrival of spring to bring you an easy-to-follow way to do your spring cleaning. As a bonus, we give you ideas for Shine your windows And Homemade cleaner recipes. Bringing fresh air and cleanliness into your home has never been easier!

1. Ventilate all parts to clean them and store them for about 30 minutes. When cleaning the room, leave the windows open for the duration of the cleaning.

2. Ask each family member to participate. Pick up everything lying around the house. Collect things that don’t look useful on a table or rug. By having an overall view of these objects, it will be easier to sort them out and get rid of redundant items.

3. Minimize your travels by keeping all your cleaning products, rags, sponges, and scrub brushes in a basket that you take with you from room to room.

4. Use the right tools and products for cleaning. A cloth that leaves lint on mirrors, soap that stains cabinet doors, a supposedly “magic” product that does not give the expected result, wastes precious time because you have to start over.

5. Sweep a mop covered with a microfiber cloth to dust the walls and ceiling and remove strands of dust.

6. If necessary, wash the walls with lukewarm water and a few drops of dish soap. Dust the furniture, chandeliers and lamps.

7. Wash the windows in the room and take the opportunity to wash the curtains or clean the blinds.

8. Finish vacuuming the floor and carpet.

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