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Une vision d'artiste d'une galaxie spirale. © Buddy Nath, Pixabay

Spiral galaxies indicate a mysterious interaction with ordinary matter

The Standard Cosmological Model can boast many successes. Depends on being in equationsEinstein constant called lambda (Λ) in ancient greek which is only the famous cosmic constant Einstein. Λ behaves like intensityenergy This is why we are talking about havingdark energy In the Standard Form. It is further assumed that this energy, which behaves like a the pressure The repulsive acceleration of the expansion of the observable universe for a few billion years, does not differ in space and time, even if it becomes more and more dominant with respect to matter because it does not dilute as if it were Gas Particle expansion.

Now let’s talk about the physical content ofbeing can be specifically observed. Within the framework of the Standard Cosmic Model, it is controlled by black matter Presumably made up of particles never seen before on Earth in accelerators or detectors, which cannot interact with standard baryonic matter and itself by means of gravity alone. This material is also almost necessary to calculate the properties cosmic radiation Quite simply, there is galaxies.

For 13.7 billion years, the universe continued to evolve. Contrary to what our eyes tell us when we contemplate the sky, what it consists of is far from consistent. Physicists have observations of different ages of the universe and run simulations in which they reconfigure the universe and its evolution. Dark matter appears to have played a large role from the beginning of the universe until forming the large structures observed today. © ECA

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However, the Standard Cosmological Model (called ΛCDM with the CDM of cold dark matter c’est-à-dire “matière noire froide”) n’est pas parfait et il conduit aussi à des paradoxes et des contradictions apparentes avec l’expérience qui laissent soupçonner que, sans le rejeter complètement, il faudrait lamsans a little. Thus, the disagreement between my famous constant estimate of the Hubble-Lemaître law regarding the expansion of space has given food for thought to those who believe that Einstein’s constant It may not be fixed.

Similarly, problems with properties dwarf galaxies The large galactic moons indicate that interactions between dark matter and normal matter, perhaps even between dark matter particles themselves, are not explained.

Evolution of the dark matter aura

However, recently, there has been a team – mainly composed of researchers from Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (Sissa) In Italy, Gauri Sharma, Paolo Salucci and Glenn van de Ven – published the results of their work with an article in the prestigious journal Astronomy and astrophysics.

The astrophysicists We took a closer look at the dark matter content which is about 300 large spiral galaxies Such as Milky Way And Andromeda, they kind of perform drilling A time in our past, nearly 7 billion years ago.

Like their ancestors, like Vera Robinthey measured speeds movements From stars and the clouds Fromhydrogen The atomic ability to extend beyond the visible edges of these spiral galaxies by The famous line at 21 cm. These movements indicate the presence and distribution masses Hidden, specifically dark matter, unless the laws of celestial mechanics are modified within Mond’s theory As suggested by some researchers.

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Then it appears that in the core of the dark matter halos that envelop spiral galaxies is a region of homogeneous excess density that increases in size over time until it is overflowing with the spiral galaxies themselves.

Tout se passe donc, selon les chercheurs, comme si la matière noire avait une mystérieuse interaction supplémentaire avec la matière normale, interaction forçant la matière noire du halo à se concentrer de manière cœ faire croître la tailor de mais de homos With time.

Currently, this does not fit at all with the basic assumptions of the Standard Cosmological Model, and thus provides new constraints and information about the nature of dark matter whose exact meaning remains to be explored.

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