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Speech by Sylvie Retaieux on the occasion of Grenelle’s employment and sports career

Speech by Sylvie Retaieux on the occasion of Grenelle’s employment and sports career

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ladies ministers,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Directors and General Managers,
Ladies and gentlemen, presidents of the federations,
Ladies and gentlemen, directors and heads of institutions,

I am pleased to be present with you at the signing of the Charter of Cooperation and Commitment for the Sports Professions. In fact, the field of physical activity and sports in higher education is very important with 50 colleges stations Combine research and training in Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities Within our universities, we train 65,000 students annually.

If, for a long time, the range of diplomas offered was quite traditional, with mainly bachelor’s degrees, then it has expanded significantly, the DEUST1 vocational diplomaany Bachelor’s and Ph.Din order to better adapt the acquired skills to the needs of sports professions.

It also shows the diversity of the fields involved Dynamic training provided Health sport, event sport, educational field, training, performance and ergonomics, etc.

It is true that occupations in physical activity and sport are particularly attractive and some of them experience, as we well know, great stress, as is the case, for example, in occupations in the aquatic environment.

In this already dynamic context, The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are a transformative accelerator and an indicator of the diversity of sporting professions. In fact, certain sectors, such as those related to sporting events, will be particularly needed and a very wide range of sports professions, supported by research and innovation, will be revealed and more visible.

Therefore, Grenelle Sports Professions offers us an excellent framework for us to think together about the evolution of sports practices. And its impact on professions and, consequently, on training.

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Today, dear Amelie, dear Carol, I am delighted that we are in the real process of jointly building certification reference systems for the perfect adaptation of our training to changes in practices.

There are many new avenues for us to better define training paths and better work for the careers of our students and athletes.

takes into account the training offer of higher education institutions and will obviously have to continue to do so, New occupations in physical activity and sports such as modified physical activity teachers (stomach muscles) where is the Data scientists On modeling and data processing for high performance sport.

The emergence of e-sports and the disruption of sports practices and future associated professions must also be incorporated as a structural variable into a renewed training offer.

As you point out, university training has already evolved towards more professionalization with the establishment of professional licenses and apprenticeships. But public higher education institutions also have an essential role to play, along with that of the Ministry of Sports and Business, for Develop continuing education and in order to better account for reorientation and resumption of studies.

The paths to success and excellence for our students are no longer linear, and we must be able to take into account the diversity of experiences. As such, the development Validate the experience gained (eBike) is critical to enabling innovative and flexible learning paths.

Finally, we must also ensure that, together, we make all sports sectors more attractive to young women because their feminization rate, at the moment, is only 38%.

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At all times we must bear in mind the diversity and richness of student profiles. Calendar opportunity, Today, June 5, in my ministry, the auditors’ seminar on supporting high-level athletes in higher education institutions that we have created with you, Amelie. More than 90 referrers from Grandes Ecoles and Universities come together to improve support, highly specific, for dual pathways of excellence for our best athletes.

In addition, in all areas of physical and sports practice and in all sports professions, Research and innovation They are two essential levers for improving training. research priority planRPP) high performance sport driven CNRS, until 2024, allowing the publication, dissemination and exploitation of research results. I would also like to highlight the role of the Mathematical Research Group (East Germany) which brings together research laboratories, as well as sports manufacturers, sports federations and users.

Institutions of higher education have an important role to play in both the field of life sciences and the humanities and social sciences to direct research more towards the citizen and the user through the development of participatory sciences or through the full use of scientific mediation.

That’s why Science Fair 2023which will take place in the fall, will have a theme of sports and science, and will therefore make it possible to see the emergence, for 15 days and throughout the territory, of enormous initiatives linking research and sport up to the Games.

the France Club 2024 that will be installed at La Villette will be a melting pot for athletes and the public where participatory science will have its place.

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The Grenelle of sports professions that brings us together today is therefore a strong sign of our common desire to improve the vision of sports professions, for example creating an information platform.

Grenelle is also an opportunity for me to reiterate to what extent, in today’s undergraduate courses, there is no longer or should not be a conflict between academic training and vocational training, which over time intertwine, are complementary and produce essential synergies in terms of knowledge and skills. The matching of testimonials, in this respect, reveals the bridges that already exist and that must continue to be created.

The signing of this charter is therefore an opportunity to put in place renewed governance and affirm the strong bond that unites ministries and professional branches around a strong and shared ambition for careers and jobs in sport.

Thank you all for coming today. I am sure this afternoon’s round tables and presentations will be as enriching as those shown this morning.

I thank you.