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Spectacular images of a river drying up again in Australia

Spectacular images of a river drying up again in Australia

Greeno River, in Australia, Still dry. Once a year, after the peak period Rain, She got up. Reported by Hafost, Puddles then form near the source, before flooding, which gradually expands into the Indian Ocean. Last Tuesday, April 5th, was a rare and difficult event to watch as filmmaker Chris Lewis was able to catch up.

To catch the Greenough River Wake, this nature lover must be patient. He spent three days trying to find his source. “I love change, rain and water instantly change the landscape with animals and colors and everything, and I find it fascinating,” he explained to the magazine. Farmers Weekly Magazine.

Severe flooding more and more often

From an early age at the age of seven he expressed an interest in “dreaming of telling a story without the use of words, letting nature tell the story, and capturing it.” And the first river he filmed was already the Greno River in 2018.

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Although it is mostly dry, the river has many permanent ponds, sometimes causing severe flooding and destruction of nearby farmland. These floods occur frequently as the Greenough Gate dunes progress, and are expected to worsen in 2045. This is an event that worries farmers.