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Spain and Morocco are discussing the transfer of airspace management

Spain and Morocco are negotiating ways to transfer the management of the airspace of the Sahara, which the Spanish party had been managing for several years at the level of the Canary Islands.

The talks between the two countries relate to transferring airspace management and improving security in the region. The Spanish government confirmed in a parliamentary response that the talks between Madrid and Rabat had already begun.

“Talks have begun with Morocco in this area.”La Moncloa reassured in writing in response to questions from Canarian Senator Fernando Clavijo.

These discussions on the transfer of airspace management are taking place within the framework of the joint roadmap resulting from the April 7 Declaration signed in Rabat. The Spanish government recalled this in its parliamentary response, confirming that these talks were explicitly mentioned in point 7 of the declaration.

Specifies that discussions “Limited to airspace management and coordination between the two parties to achieve greater security in communications and technical cooperation.”

Until now, it was the Canary Islands that ensured the management of the airspace of the Sahara, but this natural transition towards Morocco does not only intervene according to the road map drawn up between Rabat and Madrid, but also comes to restore international legitimacy given that the Sahara is no longer an area colonized by Spain and has returned to the original Moroccan sovereignty.

The warming of relations between Morocco and Spain, and the recognition by the Spanish side of the autonomy plan as the only possible solution that allows the Sahara issue to be resolved once and for all before the United Nations, gave a new impetus to relations between the two neighboring countries, which are considering. great for their long-term cooperation.

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The two countries now claim that their relations are healthy and no longer poisoned by Spain’s colonial past. This unprecedented historical situation, which created a major turning point in their relations, will enable the two neighboring countries to address future strategic issues on solid foundations, and activate the enormous opportunities in the form of their unique geographical location that is distinguished only 14 km between two continents.

For decades, Sahara airspace was operated from the Canary Islands, as established by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization.

In his question, Senator Clavijo also inquired whether this issue was discussed at the high-level meeting (RAN) held between the Spanish and Moroccan governments at the beginning of February in Rabat, a question to which Moncloa did not answer.