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Space: NASA maps tens of thousands of volcanoes on Venus

A new map, created using decades-old radar images from NASA’s Magellan mission, shows the location of more than 85,000 volcanoes on Venus.

Venus necessarily interested scientists. This can even housing living organisms. NASA plans to send Two ambitious missions exploration in the near future. Moreover, a few weeks ago, scientists announced that they had found Evidence of recent active volcanism on Venus. The new detailed map shows where volcanoes are located and how they are grouped.

Image credit: Wikimedia

The authors of this new paper, Rebecca Hahn and Paul Byrne, Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, say that Their new map could help locate the next active lava flow on Venus and much more. Rebecca Hahn says:This article provides researchers with an extremely valuable database for understanding volcanic activity on the planet – a fundamental planetary process, but one that We know very little about Venusalthough it is a world the same size as ours“.

Venus: Volcanic World

We’ve known that for a long time Volcanism is a large and widespread process on Venus. And while the figure of 85,000 volcanoes on Venus may seem high, it could be an underestimate. Scientists believe that there are hundreds of thousands of other volcanoes on the surface of Venus. However, these Too small to be detected by NASA’s radar.

In fact, by exploiting the data, researchers have discovered that Venus is home to thousands of volcanic landforms scattered almost across the planet. The size of volcanoes varies from Less than 5 km to more than 100 km in diameter. However, 99% of the volcanoes on Venus are less than 5 km in diameter. Although Venus is roughly the same size and composition as Earth, it is It does not have plate tectonics. Because of this, it is likely that the planet’s internal heat escapes through its many volcanoes.

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source : universtoday.