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Space: Discovery of a mysterious door on Mars

Space: Discovery of a mysterious door on Mars

Written by Graziella L. Posted May 14, 2022 4:44 pm

Space and Mars never stop making our imaginations run wild. The Curiosity robot, which is currently traveling on the red planet, has captured extraordinary images that show a mysterious door in the rock…

There is no doubt that space and many stars, planets and galaxies have a lot secrets To reveal to us in the coming years. while the Curiosity Robot Currently abroad and around Mars To capture some amazing shots, we’ll probably answer our questions soon. Meanwhile, the spacecraft sent by NASA on May 7, 2022 AD photographed mysterious doorcarved in rock…

This is amazing cavity It looks like a cave entrance on the ground, however it exists more than 225 million km from our planet. It’s impossible to know exactly what’s behind it. Scientists confirm that it is not made by hand, but rather Totally natural cleftcertainly due to the strong winds and millennium sandstorms that appear to be present on Mars.

Although our imaginations wish it was a clever life form or a mysterious hiding place, reality seems more reasonable. So far, the bot has only been able to accessone viewing angle The two images show this cavity, making it difficult to estimate its depth. But the discovery remains important, because if it is indeed a cave in which an object can slip, the team that is sent to Mars in the future can protect itself there from solar eruptions!

If you want to discover the progress of the Curiosity bot in real time, the images are public and visible on NASA website.

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