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Southern California was hit by an oil spill

Southern California was hit by an oil spill

On Sunday, US authorities tried to contain the flow of oil near the California coast, which covers nearly 34 square kilometers and whose environmental damage is already being felt.

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Local official Katrina Foley denounced the oil spill would have “irreversible consequences for the environment,” as many dead fish and birds were found on the coast.

The community worst affected, Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles, had to cancel the last day of the air show, the Pacific Air Show, in order to ensure “full and unimpeded access to the marine environment.”

The source of this flow, which the municipality estimated at 480,000 liters, has not been determined with certainty, but it would be a leak from an oil pipeline about 8 kilometers from the coast, according to Ms. Foley.

Preliminary analyzes of the hydrocarbon showed it to be “post-production crude oil,” according to the official.

Huntington Beach warned of the “toxicity” of this substance and asked residents to stay away from affected areas, avoid the beach and not swim.

A statement said major efforts to contain this oil spill were underway on Sunday, and city services were working hard.

The text states: “Skimming systems and floating booms have been deployed to prevent oil from reaching Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and Huntington Beach Wetlands.”

However, these wetlands are already subject to “significant environmental consequences,” he laments.

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