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South London train stabbing, call for witnesses launched

South London train stabbing, call for witnesses launched

A man was seriously injured by a knife on a train in south Greater London on Wednesday March 27. He was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

A call for witnesses has been launched by British police after a man was seriously injured with a knife on a train in south London, United Kingdom, on Wednesday March 27, British media reported.

A fight between two men

According to the first elements of the investigation, a fight broke out between two men at around 4pm local time on Wednesday, when they boarded the train located at Shortlands station in Bromley, a town in Greater London.

Images shared on social media show a man dressed in all black with a mask on his face and a blade in his hand. Passengers who saw the clash asked them not to take action.

Police went to the scene of the attack on Wednesday afternoon. Train services were suspended till 6.30 pm local time Sky News.

According to BBC, the injured man's vital prognosis was in critical condition Wednesday evening. Emergency services attended to him directly at the scene of the attack.

A “serious incident”

So far, no one has been arrested. British Transport Police said in a statement that one man was “seriously injured” and confirmed that he had been taken to hospital at a trauma center in the British capital.

A spokesman for South East London Trains said: “We have been made aware of a serious incident on one of our services. We would urge anyone with information to get in touch immediately.”

“All our trains are fitted with CCTV and we will provide this footage to British Transport Police to assist with their enquiries,” the spokesperson added.

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