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South Korea |  Video - Georgette Lepage's Library: An assertive new technological youth space

South Korea | Video – Georgette Lepage’s Library: An assertive new technological youth space

The Enchanted Tree Agora is one of the new areas in the youth space. (photo courtesy)

The Georgette-Lepage bookstore in Brossard has undergone a transformation by reimagining its spaces for children aged 0-12. Inspired by libraries around the world, the new Espace Jeunes, revealed July 7, offers many distinct areas as technology is ubiquitous.

“With this renovation, we want to provide young people with a contemporary environment that matches their reality, the environment of digital technology and their daily lives,” explains Library Director Susan Payet. In this environment, they will be able to develop their skills and discover new technological tools, all in an atmosphere of fun and education.”

Among the different areas, we find in particular the Agora of the Enchanted Tree with dolls and games of awakening, the Workshop and the Quai du savoir. Unusual reading spaces such as wall frames and rollers are available for young people, and technology takes the form of a wall of light, smart tables or interactive floor projections.

The project is worth $1.5 million and was realized, among other things, with $400,000 in funding from the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communication.

For Brossard Mayor Doreen Asaad, the place caters to all the features of young people, from those who prefer reading in a quiet corner to those who need to be in a more active environment, for example by reading on a bicycle.

The mayor suggests: “If young people discover this love for the library, we know that they will develop a love of learning and exploring new ideas.” We believe this will help create a spirit of innovation for our future leaders.”

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Activities other than reading are offered in the youth space, such as the creating light wall. (photo courtesy)

international inspiration

Many of the elements of the new youth space have been inspired by libraries around the world, from Australia to Scandinavia.

Thus, when creating Brossard, one finds in particular items from the libraries of Aarhus in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland, where the technologies are at the fore, to a library in New Zealand where there is a smart table. , and a library in Australia, which has a robot called Nao. The team also acquired two Nao robots and wants to incorporate them into story time with the kids.

“For us, the library is not just a place to lend books,” says Doreen Asaad. It’s really much more than that, we see it as a place to gather, for the community, where people feel safe, feel welcome, and can explore different interests.”

The youth area of ​​the Georgette-Lepage library has been open to the public for two weeks.

The Youth Space opened on July 7. (Photo: Le Courrier du Sud – Michel Hersir)