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Sophie Pregent will leave the presidency of the federation in March

Sophie Pregent will not seek a new mandate to head the Union of Artists (UDA), a union the actress has chaired for 10 years.

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I am one of those who believe in movement, work and the transfer of power [sont de bonnes choses]. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to take over the presidency of the Artists’ Union. It always has to be in motion, and other artists also have to feel challenged, and engaged, so I’m a role model. Ms. Pregent said in an interview with LCN on Tuesday afternoon, “I will not remain in my duties nor in my seat as chair.

So you will have spent a decade advocating for artists. There were several “battles”.

“There are things I failed to do, the C-11 has not been signed, the introduction of digital platforms into the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Act has not been done. I sign up, I still have time, my assignment ends March 20th.”

However, she believes that her successor, with whom she would like to cooperate, will continue the battles that have begun.

“I will not hide from you that the pestilence was a very difficult exercise in the UDA, even painful, for the first six months, a year, I can’t even tell you what state I was in, I never thought I would survive. Something like that.”

She also cites the #MeToo movement and all the waves of denunciation and says she’s “proud” to have helped create the Artist’s Code, which her predecessors also called for a review.

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The woman, who since 2006 has participated in the Union for Democratic Development (UDA) because the idea of ​​”serving one’s neighbor” resonates with her, assures that she will “stay close to the union.”

She even wishes to remain a member of the board of directors as a director.

Even if she was very involved with the UDA, Sophie Prejean never stopped playing. We can see her in the detective series “Alerts”, every Monday, on TVA.

She is also involved with her husband, Charles Lafortune, host of “La Voix”, in the Autist & Major Foundation, which is supported in particular by Quebecor and Saint-Hubert. She still had to give up voice work in post-production due to her schedule as head of the UDA.

She also told LCN that for now she is closing the door on politics.

Note that after the announcement of Sophie Prégent’s impending departure, actor Pierre-Luc Brillant announced on Facebook that he would try to succeed him. Mr. Brillant was the Parti Québécois candidate in Rosemont during the October 2022 election, a ballot in which he placed third, behind outgoing Solidarity MP Vincent Marisal, who was re-elected, and Sandra O’Connor.