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Soon giraffes, deer and red-necked ostriches at Mulhouse Zoo in Horizon Africa

This is the largest project ever for over 50 years in Zoological and Botanical Garden of Mulhouse
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A space called “Horizon Africa”. It is under construction and will open in Chapter One 2024.

Giraffes and gazelles: about forty new species

space will expand 1.5 hectares, At an estimated cost of 12 million euros. You can see giraffes, deer, red-necked ostriches, pygmy hippos, reptiles, and even endangered insects.

will be in all A thousand animals and about forty new species. All this small world will be installed in five new buildings.

The giraffe enclosure is under construction
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Chum clouds

“There will be species we haven’t seen before in the zoo: tarantulas, leaf vipers, scorpions. Giraffes and pygmy hippos are also popular species that have strong symbolism,” she says. Details by Brice Lefaux, director of the Mulhouse Zoo.

Great wait for the Mulhouse Zoo

20 species have arrived so far, and they are behind the scenes and doing well. Others will arrive from well-defined places: “They will come from certified zoos or breeding farms located in Europe. We have a traceability charter that we enforce. We refuse to have these animals come from the natural environment or come from the reproduction of animals that come from the natural environment, Brice Leveau adds.

Mulhouse Zoo This year it celebrates its 155th anniversary. It received 327,000 visitors last year.

New Space Horizons “Horizon Africa”


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