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Bientôt un nouvel espace vert entre le pont Ropsy Chaudron et le canal à Anderlecht (photos)

Soon a new green space between the Ropsey-Chodron Bridge and the canal in Anderlecht (photos)

Anderlecht Municipality plans to review the links between Ropsy Chaudron Street and Quai Fernand Demets, near the Delacroix metro station. The project is under public investigation until February 12, 2022. It is part of CRU 05 Heyvaert-Pointcarré. It’s the office of famed landscaper Bass Smit, particularly at the origin of the “New Parvez St. Gilles,” which he designed. The planning permit application was submitted on November 15, 2021. The advisory committee will meet on February 17.

Not surprisingly for those in the know, the aim of this remodeling is to “enhance the public space between Rue Ropsey Chodron and Rue Jules Ruhl on the one hand, and the cove between Ropsey-Chudron Bridge and Quay Fernand Demets on the other”. Thus, the massive stairs of the bridge will be replaced by new paths that will cross green dams on an area of ​​about 1,000 square metres. These green spaces were planned in the wasteland drawn by Ropsy Chaudron Street and Jules Ruhl Street. On the new stairs, the architects plan to create a central rail that will allow bikes and shopping carts to climb.

The project, which should be part of an overhaul of all public spaces between Clemenceau and Delacroix metro stations, will require the demolition of the small abandoned building at the intersection of the two roads, with an area of ​​250 square metres.

There is no course link

Anyone who has ever cycled along the canal at the quayside in Fernand Demets, or across the bridge that spans from the slaughterhouses, knows that the connection between the two is a problem. or even impossible. On the north bank of the canal, on the Recy K side, pedestrians can now take a ladder but cyclists are forced to move to the next bridge, unless they are on their bikes. The only accessible ramp is on the side of the slaughterhouse, directing bikes through small Jules Ruhl. Thus the new slides will save time and increase convenience, even if the course link is not like this in the project.

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In addition, the Delacroix metro station is located along the canal at this location. So its pedestrian users, who are often present on slaughterhouse shopping days, have to get out of it by crossing car axes with little or no safety equipment, except for some curbs on the sidewalks. And cars rush to this place: the Brussels Mobility company denounces the frequent rodeos there. Management also selected Delacroix and Quai Demets to launch the sanctions campaign following the introduction of the generalized 30 km/h in January 2021.