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Sony will work on the Pro model with two graphics cards and cloud games

A patent filed by Sony and recently published via WIPO describes a PS5 “Pro” with two APUs, that is, two graphics cards and two processors. The patent also mentions cloud games that can be used for backward compatibility with the console.

The PS5 has been out for over a year now, but not all gamers have managed to get one yet. Stock runs out until next year Although the situation has improved in recent weeks. Despite the shortfall, Sony is said to be already working on the next model, which is often called PS5 Pro. And for good reason, it would provide superior performance for the current model.

DualSense controller on PS5 – Credit: Triyansh Gill / Unsplash

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s patent pending was published on December 8 at WIPO database, World Organization by Intellectual Property. Describe ” Scalable CPU/GPU design for home console and on-demand games As mentioned by the account Twitter “Zuby_Tech”. So this console will be PS5 Equipped With Two APUs. As a reminder, the APU chip integrates both the processor (CPU) and the graphics card (GPU).

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Is PS5 Pro getting close?

Sony’s patent scheme shared in the tweet below effectively indicates the presence of two APUs. So it could be the next PS5 Two graphics cards for better performance for players. The primary graphics card will be used to run the games. The second can boost performance at any time when needed.

This patent first appeared last year. PS5 Pro was talking about it at the same time as PS5 Lite Which will be the Xbox Series S equivalent. No model has been officially confirmed by Sony.However, the PS5 Pro appears to be getting closer. The patent published in the WIPO database states that: In a multi-GPU simulation environment, frame buffer management can be implemented by multiple GPUs displaying special video frames, or by displaying the respective parts of each video frame ».

So, the next PS5 model will be equipped with two graphics cards, but that’s not all. Sony also look Le cloud games. Furthermore it, Xbox cloud games are available for a few weeks on Xbox Series and Xbox One. PlayStation 5 doesn’t need cloud games to play next-gen games, but it can be used for them Compatibility. Players are still waiting for the arrival Backward compatibility for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on PlayStation 5. So Sony won’t give up on the idea and can soon offer this feature via cloud gaming.

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