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Sony wants to wait “two or three years” before bringing its exclusives to the PC

In an interview in Famitsuthe PlayStation Chief She talked about computer games, and the place they occupy in Sony’s politics. The Japanese company calculated The number of PS5 titles on PC has increased at an exponential rate‘, without giving a specific window.

Jim Ryan However he noted that he had spoken with PlayStation fans, which led him to believe that ” Selling out the PC versions of our PlayStation games after two or three games seems positively acceptableSome would say they would rather Computer game enthusiasts Who would have an opinion on this story, but that’s another topic entirely …

Last April, Sony indicated in its report to investors that Very good performance Of its new strategy, and confirmed its desire to bring more games to the PC – we will also remember the acquisition of Nixxes Software in this sense. However, will two to three years hold up in the long run? there hype It can evaporate very well, especially since the quality is not always there; Most of the outlets were Sony Very poorly optimizedwith the most recent example being disastrous The Last of Us Part 1.

Hopefully, though, Sony has Further consideration to their potential customers, particularly by not banning certain studios from their choice of platforms. Also, some titles like bloodborne It’s been expected for years, but despite persistent rumors, Sony doesn’t seem willing to give itself the means to put it on PC.

With this philosophy only focus on returns made after the sale and not player expectations Before the product is available, I’m not sure Sony will succeed in its great work with the PC community…

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