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Songwriter Richard Desjardins Supports New Democracy Nima Mashouf

Songwriter Richard Desjardins Supports New Democracy Nima Mashouf

The NDP candidate to ride Laurier-Saint-Marie in Montreal received last-minute support from Quebec songwriter Richard Desjardins.

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‘A few separate voices [le libéral Steven Guilbeault] Candidate Nima Mashouf. A small boost that will give riding the Laurier Saint-Marie a strong Member of Parliament, a competent epidemiologist, a conscience, and a future for what the peoples of today expect: a breath of humanity,” said Mr. Desjardins in a press release, a few hours before the poll.

Ms. Mashouf represented for the second time in this race under the New Democratic Party (NDP) colors to try to take the place currently held by liberal Stephen Gilbolt.

“I can only be extremely grateful for the support of Richard Desjardins,” the new Democrat said in an email sent to QMI. “I can assure Richard Desjardins, Andre Pelisle, Anne-Marie Saint Cerny and all the environmentally and climate-conscious people who have supported me during this campaign that they will see me fight back.”

Laurier-Saint-Marie was also a member of the NDP from 2011 to 2019 under former MP Helen Laverdere, whose ex-Quebecwa bloc leader, Gilles Ducep, was at the helm of this ride for more than 20 years.

Nima Mashouf and Stephen Gilboe are opposing candidates Ronan Reich of the Conservative Party of Canada, Marie-Yves Lynn Michel of the Quebecwa bloc, Jean-Michel Lavarin of the Canadian Green Party, and Daniel Tangway of the Canadian People’s Party during this period. Electoral race.

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