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“Songs” legend of the Australian continent at the Musée du Quai Branly

“Songs” legend of the Australian continent at the Musée du Quai Branly

Based on the mythological story “Seven Sisters”, the exhibition ” Lyrics, singing Australian desert songs » Participates in the preservation of the history and culture of the native and indigenous peoples of the Wild Continent. Until July 2 The Musée du Quai Branly offers this journey, where texts, paintings and other crafts take us to the frontiers of the Australian desert.

The Legend of the Seven Sisters A cornerstone of Australian history. Pursued by a dangerous sorcerer with the ability to transform himself to surprise his prey, the legendary seven sisters paint these arid and suddenly vast landscapes through their travels.

Voice of Indigenous Peoples

This mythology is the bedrock of tribal culture which has been spread over centuries in various forms. The ” Lyrics The enormity of the Australian desert can thus be understood and interpreted as ancestral knowledge specific to the continent’s populations, both as a material and immaterial landscape. Also, it is the individuals from these tribal people who are making the plan to give birth to this exhibition. Keen to protect these parts of civilization as unique as they are, the Anangu “elders” of the country’s heartland lands created a painting in 2010, in which exhibition curator Marco Neal, National Curator of the Museum of Australia.

The result is an immersive journey through an aboriginal world as mythology is guided by the immense evocative power of hundreds of paintings, photographs, and artifacts. If expression Lyrics ” It immerses us in the inner dreams fueled by this overflowing mythology, and it makes us realize the importance of saving and protecting the various tribal peoples around the world. He agrees that at the heart of this era, not only the various cultures across the world and the ages, but indeed the collective memory of our entire civilization must not be allowed to die.

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