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So Gisbury Kotkanyemi will have left Montreal the same way Alex Galchenyuk left

So Gisbury Kotkanyemi will have left Montreal the same way Alex Galchenyuk left

Since the start of the season, there have been quieter days in the small world of Canada.

Today not one of them.

Not only CH cut ties with Jesperi Kotkaniemi, who will continue his career in Rally, but He also got Christian Dvorak from Arizona.

It’s a shame to see the Canadian lose a youth position that was the third overall pick in just three years. After all, we will remember it immediately after choosing NSMark Bergevin said the most promising young positions in the NHL are not falling from the sky. To get it, you have to hunt and develop it.

However, this is not the first time since the beginning of Marc Bergievin’s stay that a promising young man has left Montreal without reaching his full potential: it was the same with Alex Galchenyuk.

I won’t give you all the comparisons crafted between the two, but let’s focus on how they both left Montreal.

Both strikers saw their stay with CH come to an end after being disqualified in the playoffs the previous year. They were clearly dissatisfied with the way the organization managed their development (remember, however, that there is nothing official at this level), did not meet the expectations placed upon them, and were replaced by another … from Arizona.

The only small difference is that Galchenyuk was traded for Max Domi, while switching between Kotkaniemi and Christian Dvorak was more risky (hostile offer and treatment obtained with the options obtained).

Looking at the past, we can say that a file Transformation Galchenyuk / Domi was in favor of the Canadian. As for the one between Kotkanemi and Dvorak, it would take a few more years to reach a verdict.

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However, even if CH can find alternatives to her once-highlighted hopes, the unfortunate thing remains that the two were unable to become number one.

Domy was doing well in his first year in Montreal, and Dvorak will probably do too (for over a year, hopefully), but they don’t deliver what you’d expect of them. A third overall pick in the draft. They were not chosen with this choice, but were obtained in exchange for it.

In the end, Kotkaniemi will have left Montreal in the same way that he replaced him as the “first center of future Canadians”. Hopefully it won’t be the same story with Nick Suzuki and Barrett Highton, like.

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Kotkaniemi will keep number 15 in Raleigh.

It only includes first-round picks, but they’re still far from ideal.

– Last night was totally due.

Good news for the dodgers.

– The question is correct.