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Slight Stage Manager improvement with iPadOS 16 beta 6

Slight Stage Manager improvement with iPadOS 16 beta 6

There is no huge revolution in Latest beta version From iOS 16, anyway none of the size (all things considered…) from Show battery percentage From beta 5. On the other hand, there is a slight improvement regarding iPadOS 16 and Stage Manager.

Pull an app out of the dock…

So it’s not the big night for the new window manager for the iPad M1, which always seems to follow a logic we can’t access as poor humans. However, Stage Manager now minimizes the background application window when you drag a window from the right stacks or from the dock.

…or from the left stack.

This way, you can see the two “full” windows (although reduced) instead of partially hiding the application window in the background. Previously, the show was quite frankly a matter of chance. However, this behavior does not work when there are two apps running in the background. And in general, we will not lie to each other, the theater director remains a comforting nightmare. But Apple seems to realize the improvements needed to make the manager something usable in real life.

With Stage Manager, Apple always tries not to copy macOS to iPad

iPadOS 16 . may take a few more weeks To reach its final version compared to iOS 16 expected in September. It’s time to set the stage manager as fine as possible.

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