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Sleep paralysis: causes and symptoms .. All you need to know about this phenomenon

Sleep paralysis: causes and symptoms .. All you need to know about this phenomenon

Sleep paralysis is an interesting phenomenon, but it does not appear to pose a health risk.

Have you ever been a prisoner of your body? Sleep paralysis is a disorder that occurs mainly at night, and occurs when the sleeper awakens. The sensation of paralysis prevents the body from moving and a feeling of panic can then be generated.

More specifically, this disorder generally occurs if an individual goes out of it Sleeps He was in REM sleep.

In 2016, National Center for Scientific Research researchers, who have been studying sleep-related disorders, realized that in this stage of REM sleep, some neurons “paralyze us temporarily, to keep the body immobile.”

Causes of sleep paralysis

This paralysis can then occur repeatedly in several situations. Dr Bertrand de la Giclee, Head of the Sleep Center at Argonay Clinic (Haute-Savoie), pointed out to our colleagues from figaro.

The doctor also evokes the reason that CNRS researchers isolated in 2016, estimating that the connection between the brain and nerve endings in the body is “cut for a while so that a person does not get injured during a dream.”

This paralysis is not dangerous

According to the specialized website numbers HealthPassport“30% of the population will experience sleep paralysis” during their lifetime.

There is no treatment that can cure these sleep disorders, which in the vast majority of cases are both subtle and benign.

However, if sleep paralysis is on the rise, this may indicate a narcolepsy problem. According to Dr. Bertrand de la Gikla, “about a third of patients who have narcolepsy frequently experience sleep paralysis.”

There are approximately 15,000 people suffering from narcolepsy in France, the doctor identifies, highlighting an “uncontrollable need to sleep during the day.”

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