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Skyrim NPCs become talkative and intimidating with ChatGPT

a fan of Skyrim A mod that adds ChatGPT to an RPG. The last demonstration is very strange.

It was released in 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Skyrim It is a game that has known many variations and never stops stacking ports to make it eternal. The RPG, for example, is available in VR, and we remember the fake joke with Amazon Alexa. So, isn’t there a better candidate than him to try ChatGPT? One moderator believes in it and presents, in a video posted on April 26, bizarre and encouraging results at the same time.

The intention of the person whose title is the art of the deity is commendable. He desires to enhance immersion in Skyrim Thanks to the more realistic and less generic conversations with the characters we meet. Conversational agent, which works thanks to artificial intelligence and is developing very quickly, is a tool that developers can use in the future. On the subject, Ubisoft has already formalized the use of Ghostwriter, which is supposed to make it easier to write scenarios.

ChatGPT in Skyrim? It’s weird

In addition to ChatGPT, the mod designed by Art from the Machine relies on other software to ensure that NPCs can respond with voice (xVASynth) and players can talk to them as if they were in real life (Whisper). In terms of immersion, you could hardly do better: Imagine yourself talking to a virtual hero over a microphone. ChatGPT is then responsible for making the exchanges relevant, dynamic and interesting.

ChatGPT in Skyrim // Source: youtube capture

In the video, we can see that it’s possible to request time to a merchant, and it’s also able to provide information on the thing in our hands (with a lot of subtlety besides, for ChatGPT to mine). Answers take a while, which is very annoying, and some behaviors are still too automated to really be believed (we keep hearing it ” let me think “).

However, in terms of potential, there are avenues to explore. By tweaking and, above all, additional resources, you can achieve an amazing result. Where simple NPCs will be able to share tales by adapting to our reactions, without resorting to predetermined answers.

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Robo-journalists in the editorial office.  // Source: Numerama with Medjourney

on redditArt from the Machine notes that they want to incorporate a more advanced save system into this mod, allowing characters to remember previous saves. ” I have a basic save system where I tell ChatGPT to summarize the keep at the end for future claims. There are more sophisticated solutions for managing this save He explains, hoping to improve on this point.

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