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Six passengers who were vaccinated tested positive and isolated in Australia

Six passengers who were vaccinated tested positive and isolated in Australia

The vaccine does not completely prevent contamination. As evidence, six tourists were still vaccinated and tested positive for Govt-19 when they arrived in Australia, officials said. And Perth Now. This information was published in the NSW Health Monitoring Report because the federal government operates on a vaccine passport. All six passengers were isolated in private hotels.

As Prime Minister Scott Morrison comes under pressure to repatriate Australians stranded abroad, statistics raise concerns about the possibilities for a vaccinated passport system. Nevertheless, health officials qualified these fears, and six foreigners who tested positive were able to control the virus before their vaccine was fully effective. Studies show that it is only two weeks after receiving the second dose.

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According to federal government figures, 2.5 million Australians have received the first dose of the Govt-19 vaccine. But the executive was criticized for the slowdown in his campaign, which was less than the four million set for the end of March. Accelerating vaccination will play a key role in getting the vaccine passport issued, which will allow Australians to go abroad.

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