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Sister Margron: The Church should focus on fixing the irreparable

Sister Margron: The Church should focus on fixing the irreparable

After the publication of the Sauvé Report, Sister Veronique Margron, President of Corref, hopes to reform the administration of ecclesiastical institutions in order to increase vigilance over abuses.

Hélène Destombes – Vatican City

After 32 months of investigation, the Church’s Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse presented its report this Tuesday, October 5 in Paris, presenting an estimated 216,000 victims of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic and religious priests in France since 1950.

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“It is a betrayal of the Gospel, there is something almost unimaginable about itHead of Corref immediately notes, confident.To be devastated and terrified” Face “For those people with shattered souls.”

According to the Dominican nun, the publication of the report marked a crucial turning point. There will be a before and after report from Ciase, exposed.”it’s clear”. Another feature of this shift is the fact that the victims are at the heart of the report, “Their pain is everywhere, and so is their experience.”

“The systemic character is terrifying: it is a broken people, all the institutions could not, knew, wanted to prevent it,” she scars. “It is a tragedy within a tragedy.”

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On the recommendations front, Sister Veronique Margron considers them all essential. “The character of the priest, his sacred authority contributed to the blindness of relatives, parents or monks and nuns”, Notes, discredit excessive reverence.

As for the question of governance, it must be rethought. The head of Corref wants more oversight bodies in order to prevent communication between the self, so that there is as much difference as possible, since it alone allows vigilance.

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irreparable repair

In the face of such a catastrophe, we must begin with silence, deep contemplation, humility, and humiliation of ourselves. Then, alone, together, we need to read these recommendations. We’ll see what we put to the vote in our General Assembly next November. In Lourdes, particularly with regard to restorative justice and compensation for the irreparableThe theologian finally concludes.

Interview with Sister Veronique Margron, President of Corref