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Siri can no longer rate songs in the Music app

Siri can no longer rate songs in the Music app

As of iOS 15, Siri no longer allows you to rate songs in the Music app. Previously, while playing a song, you could ask the assistant ” mets [tant d’] stars for this song Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, without really knowing why.

Siri is still very practical.

Testimonials on reddit and the Help Forums Apple confirms that Siri has lost this ability to rate songs. iOS 15.1, iOS 15.2, or the iOS 15.3 beta doesn’t change this. Is this really a bug or is Apple’s desire to shrink the surface of this arrangement?

In any case, it is always possible to rate a song on iOS, by touching the button Grand Bazaar and options … (If this is not done, first go to Settings Music To activate the option star ratings). On macOS, all you have to do is leave a note when the cursor is hovering over the song name in list mode, or even through the information display (⌘i) from the title.

The stars have been in the Music app since iOS 8, but they disappeared with iOS 10 before Apple took them back after a public outcry (It was with iOS 10.2).

The option to leave a thumbs up (“like”) and a thumbs down (“less like suggestions”) is still there, but it’s mainly used to improve Apple Music’s suggestions. The star’s convenience is that they can be used in smart playlists, which unfortunately are still the preserve of the macOS version of music. However, the Shortcuts app allows you to retrieve the ranking data.