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Singer The Weeknd loses his voice during the concert

Singer The Weeknd loses his voice during the concert

The Weeknd abruptly canceled his concert in Los Angeles on Saturday night due to audio issues.

The Canadian singer-songwriter was singing Can’t Feel My Face at SoFi Stadium when he suddenly stopped performing and walked off the stage.

Soon, he returned and announced that he had lost his voice.

“I can’t give you the gig I want to give you right now. I’ll make sure everything goes well and you get your money back, and I’m going to do a gig for you guys pretty soon, but I wanted to come over and make a personal apology instead of Twitter or Instagram,” he said .. Announces.

I wanted you to know that I can’t give you what I want to give you. I apologize. I’m so sorry. You know how much this kills me. I love you all. Thank you so much.”

Later, he released a statement on his Twitter page in which he once again apologized to his fans. “My voice faded during the first song and I’m devastated. I can feel her go and my heart sank. My sincere apologies to my fans here. I promise to see you again,” wrote the 32-year-old star.

The news comes after The Weeknd was forced to cancel his concert in his hometown of Toronto last month after the internet and phone went out. That concert, which was part of his After Hours Until Dawn tour, has been pushed back to September 22.

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