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Singer Amine Chiban's concert in Algiers has been cancelled

Singer Amine Chiban’s concert in Algiers has been cancelled

Musical events continue in Algeria. distance controversy Before an imam wants to stop a concert in Bouira, it’s the turn of Amine Chiban’s concert.

The artist was scheduled to perform Thursday, April 21st, his concert at Alpha Tango in Cheraga, west of Algiers. But a last-minute cancellation occurred in the evening.

The singer, known for his strong opinions and his activity through his songs in the movement, was forced to cancel his awaited concert, whether from the audience or himself. He explains the reasons and shares his frustration in a Facebook post.

And he reveals: “Tonight’s party was canceled at the last minute after plainclothes clients visited during sound checks (rehearsals).” The reasons for cancellation were not specified. “My frustration is immeasurable…” adds the artist.

Amin Shaibani regrets this incident, especially since it was his first musical event after a break of several years.

“I apologize to my fans who have become impatient to taste theater again,” the artist laments.

Supporting audience

Of course, the audience was outraged by what happened and expressed their solidarity but they also shared the artist’s disappointment.

“Your disappointment is shared by all your fans, friends and all fans of the committed song, my complete solidarity is Amin,” one user wrote in the comments to the post as Sheibani announced the cancellation of his concert. His last condolences: “All my solidarity is just a delay.”

“Nothing wlidi (my son, editor’s note), your audience is there to love and support you. You have all your life ahead of you to do great things. You are young and talented”, artist Hassiba Amrouche assures her.

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The outpouring of solidarity from the singer’s audience, as well as from his colleagues and friends, consoled him and encouraged him not to put out his voice.

Singer Amal Zain, also known for his commitment during the Hirak, expressed his displeasure and solidarity with Amin Sheibani. “Angry and upset at what just happened… Banning Amin Sheibani means banning all artists, the art scene, art and culture in general,” she wrote on her Facebook page.