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Simon Les Mins |  Cups hanging in a green space

Simon Les Mins | Cups hanging in a green space

Image taken from Saint-Simon-les-Mines (

The cutting of trees in a 62-hectare green space belonging to the municipality of Saint-Simon-les-Mines was recently suspended because it contravenes the law. Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994.

according to JournalismSaint-Simon-les-Mines received a verbal and written order from Environment Canada to put an end to the planned logging of 26 hectares. Before work stopped, two hectares were cut.

Trees were felled to harvest mature spruce, spruce and poplar trees with the aim of promoting the “regeneration” of the area. However, the law prohibits the destruction of bird nests during the nesting period.

During the June 4 municipal council meeting, Mayor Andre Lapointe explained that the felling was done for a “financial reason” since the harvested wood was sold. The municipality estimates the potential profits from this sale at $100,000.

However, according to Mayor Lapointe, the cutting was carried out “in good faith” and that the municipality was “unaware” of the existence of the law. Saint-Simon-les-Mines wants to resume work after the nesting period by complying with Environment Canada's requests, specifically geolocating the nests of two species.

The cleared land was transferred to Saint-Simon-les-Mines by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 2016 with the aim of developing green space for a municipal park.

The municipality says it is open to selling the land to an organization that guarantees its protection. However, the Ministry will object to it benefiting from the sale of the lands that were given to it for free. Discussions along these lines stopped for this reason in 2021.