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Simon Boliris is in mourning

Simone Boliris had very sad news to share: his grandmother had passed away.

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It was Wednesday morning on his social networks that the prolific author shared the information with his subscribers.

With the pen we know, to whom we owe the successful series a pet And Six degrees He wrote a touching note to the attention of his “sweet-hearted grandmother”.

See his speech here:

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“Beautiful grandmother of my heart. I am devastated to hear of your passing. You have lived 94 years of good. You were a woman of good making, always laughing and outspoken. And when I was young, about 10 years old, when I slept in your house, when I had incontinence, when I peed In your makeshift bed, you had the elegance to protect me from my shyness by telling me, “You sweated a lot last night. “You told me your love for Sister Angel, and I laughed at you without malice when you butchered the word Smurf.” This sonic carnage was the epitome of purity to my ears. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of Grandpa. »

Quickly, in the last hour, many of his subscribers, colleagues and friends took the time to express their sympathy to him.

We join them and take the opportunity to send our deepest condolences to Simon Boliris as well as to their loved ones.

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