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Simon Boisvert hesitates to believe that he can become number one

Simon Boisvert hesitates to believe that he can become number one

Cayden Lindstrom is one of the top prospects in the upcoming NHL draft.

However, it's easy to drool at the thought of seeing CH recruit him.

After all, we're talking about a 6'3'', 210 pound big midfielder…and seeing him score 27 goals in 32 games this season in the juniors is still pretty interesting.

The CH organization likes him, but it's possible that Lindstrom will no longer be available when the Chiefs take the stage to announce their selection with the fifth pick of the draft.

Despite everything, there are concerns when we talk about him… because he was injured for a large part of last season.

Simon Boisvert spoke about him to Tony Marinaro (Sick Podcast) and he seems a little hesitant about his true potential.

I say this because the Vipers aren't sure Lindstrom can establish himself as a starting center in the National League:

On the other hand, Simon Boisvert has Gut feeling…and he thinks Lindstrom will be CH's pick if he's still 5th.

Because Lindstrom has the qualities (and size) to become a dominant player in the National League.

He hits, he has skills, he scores goals, and he's still in charge on the ice. This fits the needs of CH, which seeks to add natural talent and seeks to grow the club over the coming years.

Craig Button was also on the Sick Podcast, and for him, it's Konsta Helenius, above all, who has the tools to become the NHL's premier midfielder.

We don't talk much about Helenius and he seems to fly under the radar a bit…

But maybe we should pay more attention to him because this season the right-hander has collected 36 points (14 goals) in his second full season in the Finnish Premier League:

It's interesting because experts have different opinions regarding all the hopes.

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However, Craig Patton has never been afraid to get wet… and that means he's been wrong a few times in recent years.

We're still a little over a month away from the draft, and between now and then, things could change quickly.

We know the Canadian will have the opportunity to land an excellent player at No. 5… but at the time of this writing, it's practically impossible to say who the Habs' pick will be.

That's why this time of year is always so captivating for hockey fans.

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