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Siege: Is studying on paper or on a computer screen more effective? That’s what the science says

Every year, the same tune. At the dawn of the siege, the printing presses were always full. Students come to print their course notes or summaries – or even their syllabus for latecomers – in order to put themselves in the right conditions to begin their studies.

If for several years technological tools have been gradually replacing outdated teaching materials – green board and chalk are on their way out – the trend seems to be well established: study on paper.

The great advantage of a printed abstract is that it can be annotated and processed with fluorescence“,”The organic side of the paper helps me focus, and allows me to leave all my electronics to the side“,”My eyes get tired faster on the screen“…here are some testimonies of the students who left the printing press, a pile of paper under their arms.

But this is not the case for everyone. “I have more facilities on a computer to copy and paste text and to find information of interest in scholarly articless”, “Studying on the computer makes it easier for me to follow my course and not get lost in hundreds of pages“,”After that, the money and paper savings are still greatAnnouncing those who choose to study on a digital medium.

Can we then consider the former to be the less fortunate compared to the latter…or vice versa?