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Should you get your booster now or wait for the new one?

Should you get your booster now or wait for the new one?

A few days after the approval of the new bivalent vaccine adapted to the Omicron variant, many are wondering whether they should now receive their COVID booster or wait for these new injections.

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“There is no point in waiting. Ideally, what you need to do is increase your immunity as quickly as possible,” believes retired virologist Jacques LaPierre.

So he recommends, in an interview with LCN, “going with the available vaccine.”

“If we add a booster, we bring our immunity back to 80-85%, which is excellent, then if we use the new vaccine, maybe that goes up from 80-85% to 90%, so we can’t say it’s a big difference,” supports the retired virologist.

Although it is best to receive the booster dose as soon as possible, according to Jacques Lapierre, the new bivalent vaccine, when it becomes available, will enable the development of antibodies against the COVID variants.

“By adding Omicron, we add the characteristics of the new lines of the viruses that have arrived, the new variants, and at this point, we cover those variants a little better, so we bring the antibodies into our immunity directly against these variants,” the specialist explains.

But the latter admits that it is difficult to follow the evolution of the virus in the manufacture of vaccines “because it is moving very quickly.”

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Watch the full interview in the video above.