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Should we be concerned about this viral meningitis found in ticks in the United Kingdom?

Should we be concerned about this viral meningitis found in ticks in the United Kingdom?

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    British health officials issued the warning after several cases of tick-borne encephalitis were discovered in different parts of the UK. But should we fear a similar situation in France? Point with Bertrand Baskett, president of the Chronolime Association.

    In response to the spread of this dangerous tick-borne virus, the UK Health Protection Agency has issued New “Risk Assessment”Published by Govt.

    A dangerous virus

    Since 2019, three possible or confirmed cases of tick-borne encephalitis have been recorded in the UK.

    If the number seems low, it is not a concern because “The species of tick carrying the virus is widespread in the UK.”.

    3 cases of tick-borne encephalitis have been identified in England since 2019, including one linked to the Yorkshire region in 2022. In 2022 the case was the first confirmed case in the UK. The virus has previously been detected in border areas of Hampshire and Dorset and Norfolk and Suffolk, but tick species that carry the virus are widespread in England and may be present elsewhere.“, as stated in the press release.

    The problem? The tick-borne virus causes a range of symptoms, from a completely asymptomatic infection to a mild flu-like illness to a severe central nervous system infection (encephalitis or encephalitis).

    When severe, the infection may be accompanied by a stiff neck, convulsions, sudden confusion, agitation, photosensitivity (sun allergy), drowsiness, dizziness, muscle disturbances, or loss of balance.

    In 2 to 3% of cases, the disease is fatal, according to the site Immunization Information Service.

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    Should we be worried about the increase in cases in France?

    While the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) is already present in “several countries in Europe,” the press release notes, the number of cases detected in France is low — but increasing.

    As of 2021, tick-borne encephalitis is a significant disease in France. Any doctor who detects a case should report it, because the disease can have serious, even fatal consequences. For years, the migration of ticks to the east of France has been a concern. 2020 cases in Ain were very interesting. In total, 43 people contracted the virus after consuming unpasteurized goat cheese. The goats were previously bitten by ticks – they suffered from encephalitis. This virus is cause for concern and rightly so because it is spreading and requires more surveillance.“, says Bertrand Basquet, president of the Cronylime Association.

    President of the Association Chronolime If the number of cases associated with tick-borne encephalitis is “small,” Lyme disease, for its part, leads to thousands of infections each year.

    Inadequate Circumstances”taken seriously“It’s getting worse because of the government.”Current failures in the health system“.

    Lyme Disease: Stars Affected by the Disease

    Slide: Lyme Disease: Stars Affected by the Disease