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Should we be concerned about double influenza and covid infection detected in Israel?

Should we be concerned about double influenza and covid infection detected in Israel?

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Israel has reported a case of double infection with Covid-19 and influenza in a pregnant woman. She was able to get out of the hospital.

New disease under surveillance. “Flurona” is not a new type of coronavirus, but it has shrunk two diseases, covid-19 and influenza (“flu” in English). In Israel, an unvaccinated pregnant woman was admitted to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, infected with both viruses simultaneously.

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A more serious illness is unlikely

Si l’hôpital Beilinson a été le premier du pays à rapporter une telle double infection au Covid-19 et à la grippe saisonnière, cette femme ne sera pas la première patiente au monde à présenter les symptômes – bénins – des dans ux At the same time. Already in November, Atlantic Ocean Several cases of double infection have been reported in the United States. The World Health Organization also indicated in September that it is indeed possible to contract both diseases at the same time.

In Israel, a patient with breathing difficulties was finally able to leave the hospital without complications and in good health. The health minister was concerned about having to run two epidemics at the same time. The authorities fear an increase in hospitalization cases and fear an intolerable situation.

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Note that no serious study has yet considered a possible combination of the two viruses that could cause more serious illness.