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Shocking video: a security guard was shot for strangling a teenage girl

A security guard was reportedly shot after he was filmed dragging a teenage girl from the square, holding her tightly for several seconds by the neck.

“Let her go” can be heard amid many cries in the seconds-long video, as a teenage girl is dragged away by a guard who grabs her by the neck.

The footage, which has been viewed many thousands of times on Twitter, shows a young woman dressed in blue panting for breath under the hands of a bouncer trying to shove her out of the Rainton Arena in Houghton le Spring, near Newcastle in Newcastle. The newspaper “The Sun” England reported on Monday.

Red-faced, the young woman appears to be struggling to catch her breath as she is kicked out of the institution, in front of dozens of witnesses.

The man in question, who was allegedly hired by the arena for a disco event, has been fired from the contractor he worked for, and an investigation has been opened by Northumbria Police, according to a concierge.

“The venue would not accept this kind of behavior towards anyone. It’s not how anyone should feel in anyway. The staff and event organizers are all parents, and we are not happy with the individual’s actions,” he said, according to The Sun.

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