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Shirley Terroux: "I'll never stop..."

Shirley Terroux: “I’ll never stop…”

Getting up on stage alone in Montreal has always been Shirley Terroux’ biggest dream. And he almost slipped through his fingers because of the epidemic.

The meeting was tentatively scheduled for April 2020, but the first wave of Covid-19 wanted it otherwise. After five delays, the singer finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel: she will finally take the stage at Gesù in Montreal on Thursday night to give her first solo show, sing to talk.

“I am interested in this show. I couldn’t imagine one day stopping my career without singing on stage in the city where I grew up,” she breathes.

At the end of the line, Shirley Terroux has a fever. You can feel it in his voice, in his speech. Because she has long feared having to put a cross on this very expensive project.

“I was ready even to grieve for him. I would have been very disappointed. I think he should have picked me up with a spoon. But I was not bitter. I could no longer allow myself to be affected by the negative, what is ugly and unpleasant. I, I want to laugh, be happy. And to go on. I don’t have time for the rest,” she declares with all the confidence that we know about her.

position question

It is precisely this position that has enabled him to transcend the past two years. Because imprisonment was hard on her heart as a mother and grandmother. They even stole his creativity for several months.

“I could sit at my piano, or even in my studio, and I couldn’t get creative. It was a complete emptiness. But the hardest thing was seeing my son come and bring me food during the first shutdown and not being able to hug him. Same for my grandchildren. It was awful. , because of her denial of human contact and affection,

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“I’m a singer”

Some will find it hard to believe Shirley Théroux never had the chance to skip the DC stages as part of a solo show. It has to be said that she quickly switched to television, the medium that monopolized her for most of her career.

Impressive roadmap. to There is a lot of sun to the basics tanningShirley Terroux has been a part of our cultural and television landscape for nearly 60 years.

But by her own admission, she is a singer. And it will be forever, always driven by its successes Do like a birdAnd (She’s beautiful) manAnd how young you are and the others I will always be yours.

“I’ve spent my life on television, but I’m a singer. At 11, I skipped my classes to sing in talent competitions!” she recalls.

So you will continue to pursue this profession that you love so much. Because after the release of her autobiography, expected in bookstores in the fall, Shirley Terroux will be on her way to tour Christmas is a tradition in the songalong with Luce Dufault, Johanna Blouin, and Joe Bocan, to name a few.

And retire in all of this?

“Never in life, promises Shirley Terroux. I will never stop singing. Never.”

Shirley Terroux will perform sing to talk In Gesù this Thursday.

Shirley’s Cultural Diary

Reading, TV, radio… Shirley Terroux loves to keep up with new shows in her three favorite areas.

Last book read:

The Twelve Months of MaryAnd by Marie Chantal Peron

loved it The Twelve Months of Maryby Marie Chantal Peron. She writes well! And the illustrations by Genevieve Boivin Rossi are fantastic.”

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latest series Viewed:

berry timeAnd On the Eleco Club

I really like the series berry time. Sandrine Besson… what a great actress! Otherwise, I am very disappointed District 31 completed. I can’t wait to see what show will replace him. The bar is high, but we make a lot of good TV here, in Quebec.”

last issue Listen to:

it’s very good With Claude Saussure. On the weekends, I pour myself a small glass of white wine and listen to it while I prepare dinner. I feel like I’m living my youth, knowing all the songs by heart.”