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Shipyards refuse to let Russian oil tanker die

Shipyards refuse to let Russian oil tanker die

The navy has refused to unload Russian oil from a seagull tanker currently stationed in Stanlow, England. The boat that allows entry into British port despite restrictions flies the German flag.

British dock workers on Saturday refused to unload Russian oil from a tanker and called on the government to close “loopholes” in the embargo system, which allows ships under foreign flags to deliver crude oil from Russia. The ‘Seacod’ tanker is currently parked near the Stanlow refinery in the north-west of England and, according to the United Trade Union, its cargo is not banned from Russian ships flying the German flag.

British sanctions imposed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prohibit Russian-registered or Russian-registered or Russian-flagged vessels from entering British ports.

“Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there are no unit workers on site [de Stanlow] Russia’s oil will die, regardless of the ship’s nationality, “said United Nations Secretary-General Sharon Graham, who called on Transport Secretary Grand Shop to” close the hole immediately. “

The other two tankers returned

The union says two other oil tankers, Boris Wilkitsky and Fedor Lidke, were flown back from the island of Kent in southeastern New Jersey. ‘England. “While our response to the evacuation of these ships appears to be successful, there is a fundamental problem,” said Matt Lay, Unison’s national energy manager.

“The government must take immediate action to close the loophole in the ship’s cargo and to prevent Russian goods from entering the UK under the cover of another country,” he said. The UK is less dependent on Russian energy sources than many European countries.

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