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"She's without a small iron bed and toilet, just like she was a century ago."

“She’s without a small iron bed and toilet, just like she was a century ago.”

John Tyley has the smallest house in Britain. This small property in the convoy of North Wales has only two rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs.

The landlord runs his house as a tourist destination six months a year, although this year he had to open it a little later than planned due to health restrictions. John Tyle’s house attracts thousands of visitors every year.

“The house has been in my family for five generations,” he told the Mirror. “My great-grandfather bought it in 1891, but nine years later they said it was too small to be a house. They wanted to demolish it. Fortunately, he was a good friend of the editor of the local newspaper, and he started a campaign to find out that it was the smallest house in the country. “

After asking people across the country to measure their homes, it was determined that Conway’s house was actually the smallest house in the country. So that the demolition escaped.

The house was preserved as a tourist attraction in the 1990s because it was still small enough to accommodate people.

John says the house has not changed. “It is preserved as it was a century ago with a sink without a small iron bed and toilet.”

A furniture company is challenged to install a sofa

Because of the limited space, John did not consider offering the house but a long time ago, a sofa company contacted her and tried to integrate one of their furniture. John found the challenge interesting. “I wanted to be there when they tried to set up the sofa and I was not going to miss it,” he said. Dozens of tourists stopped by to see men delivering to install a sofa in Britain’s smallest home, but their entertainment was short-lived as they were able to do so.

So now you can sit at the smallest house in Great Britain!

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